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Choosing the Right Campervan Stickers for Your VW

Selecting the perfect campervan stickers for your VW can be an exciting yet challenging task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure you end up with decals that truly reflect your style and complement your van.

Consider Your VW Campervan’s Style When Choosing Stickers

When browsing campervan stickers for VW models, keep in mind:

  1. The era of your van (classic, modern, or somewhere in between)
  2. Your van’s colour and existing design elements
  3. The overall vibe you want to achieve (retro, sleek, adventurous, etc.)
  4. Size and Placement of your VW Campervan Decals

Consider where you want to place your stickers:

  • Side panels for large, eye-catching designs
  • Bonnet for bold statements
  • Windows for subtle accents or privacy film
  • Rear doors for additional personalisation

Measure your van carefully to ensure the stickers fit properly in your chosen locations.

Popular Campervan Stickers VW Designs

Campervan stickers for VW vans are a fantastic way to personalize your vehicle and make it stand out on the road. Here are some of the most popular designs that VW camper enthusiasts love:

Retro Side Stripes

Classic stripe designs reminiscent of vintage VW vans are always a hit. These typically run along the sides of the van in bold, contrasting colours.

Floral Patterns

Hibiscus flowers and other tropical designs are incredibly popular for VW campers. They add a fun, beachy vibe perfect for road trips.

Surf-Inspired Graphics

Many VW owners opt for surf-themed decals featuring waves, surfboards, or beach scenes. These designs capture the free-spirited essence of van life.

Custom Names

Personalizing your van with a custom name or text is a great way to make it uniquely yours. Many suppliers offer this option in various fonts and colours.

Minimalist Logos

Simple, clean VW logo designs are a timeless choice. These can be applied in various sizes and locations on the van.

Nature-Inspired Motifs

Mountain scenes, trees, and other outdoor-themed graphics are popular among adventure-loving VW camper owners.

Types of Campervan Stickers for Different VW Models

Campervan stickers for VW models are a great way to personalise your vehicle and make it stand out. Let’s explore some popular options for different VW campervan models.

T4 VW Campervan Sticker Options

The VW T4 is a classic favourite, and there are plenty of sticker options to suit its design:
T4 owners often opt for bold, eye-catching designs that complement the van’s boxy shape.

T5 and T6 VW Campervan Decal Designs

For the more modern T5 and T6 models, campervan stickers tend to be sleeker and more contemporary:

Contoured stripes: Curved lines that follow the van’s body shape
Nature-inspired graphics: Mountain scenes, trees, or starry night skies
Geometric patterns: Abstract designs that add a modern touch
Two-tone effects: Decals that create a split-colour look on the van’s body

These designs often incorporate the smooth lines of the newer VW models, enhancing their modern appearance.

Vintage VW Bus Sticker Choices

For those lucky enough to own a vintage VW bus, sticker options often lean towards nostalgic and retro designs:

  • Peace signs and flower power motifs
  • Psychedelic patterns and swirls
  • Vintage travel stickers
  • Classic VW logos from different eras

Customizing Your VW with Campervan Stickers

Campervan stickers for VW vans offer a brilliant way to personalize your vehicle and make it stand out. Whether you’re driving a classic Type 2 or a modern Caravelle, there’s a wide range of options to suit every taste and style.

Side Stripe Campervan Stickers for VW Transporters

Side stripes are a popular choice for VW campervan owners looking to add a touch of flair:

Classic stripes: Long, horizontal lines that run the length of the van
Contoured designs: Curved stripes that follow the van’s body shape
Two-tone effects: Stripes that create a split-colour look on the van’s side
These campervan stickers for VW Transporters can dramatically change the look of your van, giving it a sporty or retro vibe depending on the design.

Bonnet Stickers for VW Campervans

The bonnet of your VW campervan offers a great canvas for eye-catching designs:

Floral patterns: Hibiscus flowers or other tropical designs are popular
Geometric shapes: Modern, abstract patterns that complement newer VW models
Nature scenes: Mountain landscapes or beach vistas for the adventure-loving camper

Bonnet stickers can be a focal point for your VW’s design, setting the tone for the rest of your van’s look.

Window Decals for VW Camper Vans

Window decals are a subtle yet effective way to customize your VW campervan:

VW Window decals: Designed to fit neatly in the quarter panel.

Custom names: Personalise your van with its name or your family name
Minimalist logos: Simple VW emblems or camper-related symbols
Privacy film: Decorative film that also provides some privacy for your van’s interior

How to Apply Campervan Stickers to Your VW

Applying campervan stickers to your VW can be a fun and rewarding process. With the right approach, you can transform your van’s appearance and make it truly unique. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you apply your VW campervan stickers like a pro.

Preparing Your VW for Campervan Stickers

Before applying any decals, it’s crucial to prep your van’s surface:

  1. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water
  2. Dry completely with a lint-free cloth
  3. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any residual dirt or oils

A clean surface ensures your campervan stickers for VW vans adhere properly and last longer.

Positioning VW Campervan Decals

Getting the placement right is key:

  • Use masking tape to mark out where you want the sticker
  • Step back and check the positioning from different angles
  • Measure to ensure symmetry if applying multiple stickers
  • Take your time with this step – proper positioning makes a big difference in the final look.

Applying Campervan Stickers to Your VW

Now for the exciting part – actually applying the stickers:

  • Peel back a small portion of the backing paper
  • Align the exposed adhesive with your marked position
  • Slowly peel away more backing while smoothing down the sticker
  • Use a squeegee or credit card to remove any air bubbles

Work slowly and carefully to avoid creases or bubbles in your VW campervan stickers.

Finishing Touches for VW Campervan Decals

To ensure your stickers look their best:

  • Carefully remove any application tape
  • Use a pin to pop any stubborn air bubbles
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing your van

Never jetwash the decals directly.

Check out our fitting guide here.

These final steps help your campervan stickers for VW vans look professional and last longer.

Campervan stickers for VW vans offer an excellent way to personalize your vehicle and make it truly unique. Whether you’re driving a classic vintage VW bus, Type 2, T4, or a modern T6, Signs 4 Vehicles have a wide range of decal options to suit every style and preference.


Dave and Steve were so helpful, stickers were really great and arrived in good time, applied nicely but we had a little mishap on one part of the sticker (our fault!) so S4V kindly agreed to post me out another piece free of charge, which we really appreciate! Sticker kit also came with a nice little orange sticker which really set the van off against the black window, really pleased with the result and would totally recommend, really high quality product and really great customer service. Will definitely be ordering more stickers from Signs 4 Vehicles when we figure out what else to add to the van!

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